Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

We respect everyone's privacy. If access to a business such as ours is restricted, regulated, or governed differently in your country than in Canada, we suggest that you please leave this website immediately.

Our privacy policy applies to all links that operate under the official branding, official name, domain or sub-domain of,, or Brand Maximum Inc. This also includes our blogs and social media. Your consent is implied when you are accessing any of these resources. We also suggest that you review the privacy policies of links where we publish our content but are not owned by us.

All users, including paying clients, are subject to this policy. We make every effort to preserve your privacy. We do not sell or share your personal information to a third party. We will only be compelled to release your information if required by law or an enforcement authority.

We may install cookies or other tracking codes on the device from which you access our URLs. They are used to create a more personalised and tailored customer experience. They assist us in remembering your preferences so that we can provide you with the content you seek as promptly as possible. They are also used to promote our marketing activities on the internet. Your consent to accept such cookies is obtained.

We have implemented adequate physical, technological, and administrative procedures to protect and secure information to prevent unauthorised access and preserve data accuracy. We are not liable for any loss of information that occurs because of circumstances beyond our control. Theft, unauthorised intrusion, system hacking, and all criminal activities are examples of such reasons.

Feel free to contact us if you have any issues or need clarification on our privacy policy.